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  1. It did not initially. I reboot 3 times, but Eset still was missing from the taskbar. Then I installed some Windows updates, and after rebooting Eset magically appeared in the taskbar again.
  2. If I clicked on it from the start menu it would show the GUI, but that never did bring Eset back to the taskbar. I tried rebooting 3 times, and it never did appear. I checked to see if everything was ticked under msconfig, and it was. I just installed some Windows updates since I had not used this laptop in about 3 weeks. After rebooting to complete the installion of the updates NOD 32 magically appeared in the taskbar again. Its there for now. I will keep my fingers crossed. I have not clue why it just desappeared like that. NOD 32 is the only real-time security software I have installed on t
  3. I boot my computer today to find NOD 32 is not showing in the taskbar anymore. It is running in Windows task manager, but absent from the toolbar. What should I do to get it back? If I click on customize in toolbar NOD 32 is not there. Also, is there a hotkey for the GUI?
  4. I'm just glad NOD 32 detects them all. I was just trying to find an explination as to why NOD 32 blocked it about a month after the installation. I thought it might have been since I had just enabled Potentially Unsafe Applications. I'm very happy with NOD 32! I'm glad they detect this junk unlike many other AV's.
  5. I almost always use Firefox. I have IE of course, and I also have Opera installed.
  6. Thanks for the links Marcos! I enabled detect Potentially Unsafe Applications last night, and today when I logged in NOD 32 blocked BundleOfferManager.exe which was installed with Camstudio a month ago. I explicitly declined all bundled software offers with Camstudio which was like 4 different offers if I remember correctly. I remember thinking how ridiculous it was to offer so much bloatware. It was the highest I have seen with any installer. Despite the fact that I declined all bundled software offers Camstudio installed BundleOfferManager.exe with the installation. NOD 32 informed me it at
  7. Does NOD 32 detect keyloggers if detection for Potentially Unsafe Applications is not enabled? I just read in the documentation that Keylogges are classified as Potentially Unsafe Applications.
  8. This is very good policy, and all AV vendors should be like this if they really care about their customers!
  9. Neither am I! I hope Eset never goes to calling their product by the year 2014, 2015, etc.. It's just a sales tactic.
  10. Btw.. the only issue I have seen so far is I got a message last night saying Eset had a critical error when updating. I did not observe any problems though. I only got the message. It's updating fine now. I'm not sure how much info Eset would need to diagnose the problem. I'm not sure they would even want to since it's not happening now.
  11. I may do that once I have space to hook up my test machines again. I would want to know what the pre-release updates are that i'm installing though so I will know what possible problems to look for. Is there a way of obtaining this info?
  12. I had pre released updates enabled for only a day, and I had to roll back my machine to test some other software. I didn't have any problems during that 1 day of use. I just enabled pre release updates again. I will try using pre released updates until the final is released.
  13. Thanks for the replys! I would have thought I would have gotten more replys. I guess most of the beta testers are not keeping up with the forum.
  14. Do you have Pre-Release Updates enabled? Did you have any problems after enabling them?
  15. Yeah, V7 is running better for me than V6. Windows is no longer hanging at least.
  16. Stackz , and Peter you were right. The threat found was logged in the computer scan log. I did not know there was a computer scan log separate from the detected threats log. It logged the threat found in the computer scan log so i'm going to mark this thread solved. Thanks Stackz, and Peter!
  17. How old is the computer? What are your system specs?
  18. Hi, I have had that happen to me too one time on this forum, very annoying. But on other forums I have got logged out after clicking on the submit/post button. So, since a couple of years ago I have started a good habit of copying all of the text right before I click on the post button, just incase something bad would happen, getting logged out, or text disappearing for some reason. Then I can just paste in the text and try to post again. Without the need to write everything all over. Just a tip I actually do that a lot, but I forgot to this time. I usually copy my post to notepad. Y
  19. So far after 4 days of using NOD 32 V7 beta Windows has not hang when the desktop loads. It does freeze up a bit as the desktop loads, but so far it has recovered on it's own. It seems the problem is only with NOD 32 V6. I will continue using NOD 32 V7 beta. If it happens with V7 I will get a complete memory dump.
  20. If I right click on a folder, and scan a folder of files then NOD 32 does not record anything in the detected threats log if it finds a malicious file. I have a folder that contains a rootkit along with non malicious files. NOD 32 finds the threat, and after I choose to quarantine the file NOD 32 does not record anything in the detected threats log. Is this expected behavior?
  21. Some of use are having similar problems which we have been talking about in this thread. https://forum.eset.com/topic/610-nod-32-seems-to-be-causing-freeze-during-boot/ Wow... I just finished making a half page post, and then when I submitted the post only the one sentence above appeared in the post!! I even had to add the link back to the one sentence it managed to preserve of my post. Sorry, but I don't have time to make the post again right now. It must be a bug with the forum.
  22. So far I have not had the system hang with NOD 32 V7 beta, but I do have a long pause when the desktop is loading. It is freezing each time at the desktop, but it recovers on it's own. All the quick lunch icons on the taskbar fade out to a solid white color, and so do the icons on the desktop. It's freezing for a while, but so far it has recovered on it's own. I wonder if maybe NOD 32 is having a conflict with some of the firmware, or other software that came installed with this Laptop. I do know that if I uninstall some of the bloatware that came with this Laptop my bootime is shortened consi
  23. I'm going to install NOD 32 V7 beta to see if I expereience the same system hang. I used it for about a month, and I believe I may have experienced the same system hang with V7.
  24. Do you prefer using version 5 over version 6? Maybe the problem does not exist with version 6, or did you also experience problems with version 6? Version 7 will be released soon, and from my experience it is already very stable.
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