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  1. It's good to hear your no longer having the problem. Windows still hangs for me as soon as the desktop loads. Thanks!. I sent Macro the link to the complete memory dump.
  2. The USB keyboard worked. I have the Complete Memory Dump now. I have uploaded the memory dump to my DropBox account. Where or to who do I send the link to with the Memory Dump?
  3. Hi again, Hmmm i'm not sure if you did a typo here? But it is not the "Alt" key that you should press. It is the right CTRL key and then scroll lock twice. Sorry, yes that was a typo. I was trying the CTRL key, and Scroll Lock twice. After that would not work I tried using other keys with the Scroll Lock. None of them worked. I even tried setting the key combination to a different key set like CTRL, and Pausebreak. Sometimes I feel like opening the Window, and throwing this Laptop right out the Window. It's hard to find anything that I can install on this Sony Laptop that does not cause
  4. Hi, no I don't have a problem with Windows hanging, but another problem with an Svchost.exe process starting to use 99% CPU when ever it likes, wich could be connected to the V7 BETA and that's why ESET requested a full mem dump from me. Great to see you found a solution to your issue were you couldn't set it to create a full mem dump. I hope they discover the problem. 99% is a crazy amount of CPU! Does it happen shortly after booting or does it seem to be totally random? Do you think the start up scan could be causing it?
  5. I'm not having any luck. I was able to make all the registry changes as directed, but i'm still unable to make Windows Dump it's memory with the Hotkeys. Nothing happens at all when I hold down the right most Alt key, and press Scroll Lock twice in a roll. Num Lock, and Scroll Lock is the same key on my Laptop. Maybe I should define a different key Combo to initiate the Memory Dump. Does anyone have any advice?
  6. I found the offending registry key that was making Windows only offer a Small Memory Dump, and Kernel Memory Dump. If anyone else runs into this issue then here is the registry fix to make Windows Vista, and Windows 7 also offer a Complete Memory Dump. hxxp://famellee.wordpress.com/2011/06/16/the-missing-full-memory-dump-option-in-windows-7/
  7. I have added the registry key to allow forcing Windows to perform a complete memory dump by using the hotkeys. The only option given to me is to chose a Small Memory Dump, or Kernal Memory Dump. I am using Windows 7 X64 with 4GBs of RAM. Do I need to do something with the page file? Why am I not being given an option for a complete memory dump?
  8. Swex, thanks for letting me know it worked for you! Are you still having problems with Windows hanging during boot as well? I've been having this problem for a long time, but it has gotten much worse recently. I thought it was other security products causing it until now. I uninstalled all other security products except for NOD 32, and Shadow Defender. Windows still continued to hang during boot. I uninstalled NOD 32, and used my Laptop for 3 days without it. I never had a single problem with Windows hanging. Now I have been using another AV for the past 5 days, and Windows does not hang anymo
  9. Thanks Marcos! I will roll back my Laptop now to the image that has NOD 32 installed on it. I've been using a different AV for the past 5 days because I cannot use NOD 32 until this is resolved. I kinda figured there must be something in the registry that had to be edited to enable the hot key function. I will try it now.
  10. If I run process monitor during boot to create a log of the current state of all envoked processes then could that possibly provide the info needed to see the conflict NOD 32 is having? Would Process Monitor even be able to capture the needed info once Windows hangs? Here is an article describing how I intend to use Process Monitor. hxxp://www.msigeek.com/6231/how-to-enable-system-boot-time-logging-using-process-monitor-tool
  11. Sorry for the late reply. I have not had internet for two weeks because my ISP is incompetent of providing internet access to it's customers. My interent is always going out for long periods of time, and they have always been at fault each time. I restored my Laptop to it's factory state. Then I installed all Windows updates, and updated all driver available from Sony. My Laptop still hangs right before or right after the desktop loads about 50% of the time. The only other realtime security application I have installed is Appguard, and I use Shadow defender on-demand. I completely uninstal
  12. Could we get support added to alphabetize the application list in the firewall? Eset has the only Firewall that does no have support for this that i'm aware of. It should be easy to do. I have requested this every version, and it has not happened yet. Surprise me this year.
  13. I have noticed that when switching from automatic mode to interactive mode if an application is open, and currently communicating with the internet when switching it will create two entries in the application filter rule settings. It will show application.exe, and application.exe(2) Why is the firewall showing an application as .exe(2) when the only one that exist is simply just .exe. I don't have two of the same application.
  14. Yes, I received them. I tried that, and it worked thanks! I thought I had to use the beta option each time.
  15. Thanks for the info Macros! I overlooked that option in the drop down box. I guess I must have been specifically looking for the word phishing. The average user probably would not know what a phishing site is though.
  16. I reinstalled Eset Smart Security 7 beta last night, and was unable to activate it using my email address. The prompt informed me that there was already an account with that email address. I know there is already an account with that email address because it is mine. I had to use another email address of mine to activate it in order to be able to even use the beta version again. Today it is giving me an option to activate it again. I am choosing activate beta version so I do not know why it does not want to allow me to install it more than once with the same account. I use a baseline image w
  17. Thank You for the info! I would suggest putting it in a location easy to find like the submit file for analysis.
  18. Where is the build in submission form? The only one I see is for reporting infected files.
  19. Please give an option to report phishing sites within Eset application. Eset could place the feature next to the option to submit suspicious files. Phishing, and fraud protection is very important to me since I do a lot of online business. There's a lot of sketchy websites out there operating at least in a gray area. Make it easier to report them.
  20. I like how Eset gives the reputation of an application requesting internet access when the Firewall is in interactive mode. Was this feature also in version 6? I have only been using NOD 32 instead of Eset Smart Security.
  21. If you try to download NOD 32 beta from here both links download Eset Smart Security instead hxxp://www.eset.com/us/beta/ I was able to get NOD 32 beta version from the link in this thread. The website link needs updated.
  22. Btw.. it looks the same as version 6 which is ok with me since why waste time making a new GUI for a marketing strategy which I suspect some vendors do. What's different under the hood? Is any new technology or detection method being added in version 7?
  23. Stats: Windows 7 X64 SP1. I uninstalled the latest stable version of NOD 32 then installed the beta of Eset Smart Security. I tried downloading NOD 32 beta, but both links downloaded Smart Security instead. The only issue i've noticed is while it was conducting a complete system scan it took almost 3 times as long for my Web Browser, and Ccleaner to open. I didn't try any other applications during the scan. ESS began scanning on it's own without asking the user. Everything else seems to be running really smooth.
  24. Btw.. In the past I have never been able to use Webroot Secure Anywhere with NOD 32 on this Laptop. It will not boot with both installed. I'm thinking now that maybe NOD 32's HIPS, or Self Defense was conflicting with WSA. Maybe even both. Do you have any recommended settings for NOD 32 to make it more compatible with security products like WSA?
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