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  1. Only a few times per week once I have gotten the rules how I want them. I have several workstations so the time I initially have to take to remove all that text really adds up.
  2. Thank you, that is what I have already been doing as stated in my first post., It makes no sense to make the user have to do this for every firewall rule though.
  3. The only real fix I see for this problem is to remove the useless text that prevents the user from seeing the application names. Is there any ETA on when this fix will be released?
  4. Eset Smart Security 9 beta actually injects into Firefox.exe. I never could get Eset Smart Security 8 to inject into anything. I tried everything, but it never would inject into anything. It looks like this problem was fixed in Eset Smart Security 9. I hope it will inject into my other applications as well as I make rules for them.
  5. There is very annoying text in the firewall editor that does not allow the user to see the application names. All I see in every row is, "Allow Communication for, or Deny Communication for". I can only see the first few letters of the application name which the rule is for. This text is not needed, and only obstructs the view of the application names. The Action column already tells the user if the communication is Allowed, or Denied for each application. Take a look at the screeshot I attached with this post. Do you see what I mean? The text covers all the application names. Look at the arro
  6. It must be a bug with Eset Firewall. I shut down my computer for a while, and now Firefox can connect to the internet again without allowing firefox.exe from a path that does not exist. I have been seeing similar behavior recently with Eset Firewall. I will send a bug report since it's starting to become a pain to deal with.
  7. I just updated Firefox to 40.0.2, and Eset keeps asking if I want to allow outbound access for Firefox.exe from the following path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\updated\firefox.exe That path does not exist. Firefox.exe is not located at that path. There is not even a folder called "updated" in the Firefox installation folder. If I chose to deny the outbound access then Firefox has no internet. It seems like a bug in Eset Smart Security Firewall. Is anyone else experiencing this? I'm using Windows 7X64 Ultimate, and Eset Smart Security 8.0.312.0.
  8. Eset Smart Security 8 Firewall ask me if I want to allow Outbound Traffic for .NET Runtime Optimization Service no matter how many times I click allow, and remember action. As soon as I click allow, and remember action it ask me again. It's stuck in a never ending loop. It shows allow for outbound traffic in configure rules, and zones. I'm using Windows 7X64 Ultimate, and Eset Smart Security 8.0.312.0.
  9. October 2015 Wow, must be the first time ever I see an ESET rep mention a release date/month (approximate?) in public Times they are a-changin'. Look at Microsoft, all open and humble. Yeah sure, but I am not saying that its only positive. If ESET needs to move the release date forward....there is always a few people that might react like "but you said it was going to be released now buuuuu" By keeping the release info secret until a few days before they plan to release it they prevent these people from feeling let down and disappointed and post their anger on social media
  10. I like your design! I would make the web, and email protection separate though. I would also add the HIPS, and Exploit blocker to the Home Screen as well. I think the home screen should give quick access to the most often used features, and settings.
  11. Thank you for the response! I wonder exactly what behavior AMS looks for. Maybe it could be turned into a more comprehensive BB. It's hard to say without knowing what it looks for to identify threats.
  12. Does Eset Smart Security, or NOD 32 have a behavior blocker? I know Eset has great Heuristics, but I have never heard any mention of a BB. I think it would be a great feature to have that could report back to the cloud to help identify new threats.
  13. I use Auslogics Disk Defrag utility, and it delivers add content to it's users. In the past I always blocked the add content using the Firewall by blocking all outbound, and inbound access for Diskdefrag. I started getting the add content again after the last Eset Smart Security upgrade. The only internet access the Firewall has prompted me for belonging to Disk defrag was for outbound request, and I created a permament block rule for outbound access. I left inbound request set to ask the user since I had not been prompted for inbound access yet. Eset Firewall has not prompted me for any inbou
  14. I don't like the Home screen for Eset Smart Security, or NOD 32. The big Maximum Protection Banner, and the Giant Robot take up too much space. The space could be used to report the status of each shield independently, or give centralized access to the settings that are most often accessed by the user. I was hoping Eset would give easier/quicker access to some of the settings in the UI this time around. Edit 6/24 @ 12:23: I like the Robot, just make it smaller. There's no need for it to take up that much valiable space that could be used for something useful.
  15. What areas of the system is a Smart Scan suppose to scan? Does it still scan all of C drive? I conducted a Smart Scan, and it scanned my external drive as well. I'm using ESS
  16. I allowed it a few times just to see if I could detect any application updating I went ahead, and created a permanent block rule for it. It does not make sense to allow internet access when you don't even know what is requesting it. I have not experienced any problems by blocking it.
  17. Does rundll32 really need internet access at all? It seems Microsoft keeps adding more, and more components to Windows that need internet access. It really makes me want to go to Linux for good. I don't think rundll32 should be given internet access considering how many threats use it. Does anyone know any reason why rundll32 must have internet access? Notice I said must.
  18. I believe I have just found a bug with Eset Smart Security 8 Firewall. If the user opens configure rules, and zones then the firewall will not save application rules for applications the user is prompted for. I was prompted for outbound request for Auslogics DiskDefrag while having configure rules, and zones open. I chose to block, and save as a permanent rule. Eset did not save the rule. I assume this only occurs when the user has configure rules, and zones open. I'm using Windows 7X64 Ultimate fully patched. I'm using Eset Smart Security 8.0.312.0.
  19. Selecting the option to fill out the survey at the end of the installation causes Eset's certificate to fail to install since the survery opens the browser. I assume the certificate is for filtering https, and the banking protection. Eset must find a better time to offer the survey. Closing the browser, and retrying successfully installed the certificate. I'm using Windows 7X64 Ultimate with all patches.
  20. I actually like to filter SSL protcol, but i'm afraid to try it now. I have had problems in the past with many pages just timming out, and it was a big headache. I disabled SSL protocol scanning, and that fixed the problem. This was like in NOD 32 version 5, or 6 though so a lot could have changed since then. I'm beta testing some other software right now so if I did run into problems it would take even more of my limited time to report it so i'm going to hold off on trying it again for now. Maybe I will try enabling SSL Protocol again once I have more time.
  21. Did you notify your bank yet? If someone else really did take those screen shots then you should notify your bank immediately. If they were able to take the screen shots then they were definitely able to obtain that information remotely. Edited 4/28 @10:51: Are you sure they were screen shots? I don't think there is an option to save screen shots as .htm. htm is like html. I'm not sure if the browsers should be saving web images of secure logins in the cache. I think that is the question that should be asked. The other instance of explorer.exe can't be good though.
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