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  1. I don't have Logmein installed. If I disable HIPS do you think that may be enough? I don't want to disable the Self Defense mechanism though since it would make it easier for Malware to disable NOD 32. I will try disabling HIPS, and see if that helps. If not I will rename ehdrv.sys as you have suggested. Sometimes I forgot NOD 32 has HIPS since it never ask me to allow or deny anything. Thank You for your help! Mike
  2. I've not tried that. Why would that make a difference? What should I rename it to?
  3. I've had a lot of boot failures lately with my Sony Laptop. It freezes right after I enter my Windows Login Credentials, and does not proceed to the desktop. The little round mouse pointer just sits there, and turns for ever. Even when I do have a successful boot it almost always freezes for a while right before the desktop appears. It adds an additional 20-30 seconds to my boot time on average. Sometimes I have to boot once in safe mode to get it to boot again in normal mode.I believe it's NOD 32 causing this because when I uninstall NOD 32 I don't have that long pause that occurs before the
  4. I gave him that link already. He said it would not work for him. I did not think anyone was going to respond to the thread so I responded. You must have responded while I was typing the post. I normally would not touch this topic, but he was stuck without anyone else to help. Try contacting customer support again. Report back if you are unable to get though.
  5. I must tell you before I offer this advice that I have no certifications, and if you decide to try this to remove these infections then you assume the risk of possible damage to your computer. This is a method I have used many times, and have found successful most of the time. You can also get help for virus removal at the Links below. Bleeping Computer, and Malwarbytes offer profession help for virus removal. I normally would leave this up to support, but they do not look like they are going to answer. hxxp://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/f/55/spyware-and-malware-removal-guides-and-r
  6. Is Eset detecting it on your system now or is it being detected by another Security Software? I was going to link you to a stand alone cleaning tool from Eset, but I do not see one listed for this on the forum. You may need to contact support. If you purchased Eset in the United States then this is the link https://www.eset.com/us/support/contact/ If you don't get an answer from Eset soon I will inform you of some other safe tools that should remove this infection. Try the Eset support link above first.
  7. So according to the instructions you have to install Window's ADK (Assessment and Deployment Kit). Then you need to download the latest 32 bit build of Eset Smart Security or NOD 32 depending on what you have installed. I was not aware that you had to download a 32 bit build of Eset when using a 64 bit OS and then browse to it as shown in step 8 to create a rescue disk. I've never had to use Eset's Rescue disk, but that's a good thing I think I will go ahead, and create an Eset rescue disk to put with the other Rescue disk I have. I think it would be a good ideal to create a section on
  8. So has anyone received an email that list their username, password, or key for their Eset subscription? Has anyone's physical address or mailing been listed in the emails? So far it seems the info that has been compromised was their email address, and full name.
  9. It appears that it could be a much bigger problem then. Two members at Wilder's posted there saying they received the email, and they bought their license directly from Eset.
  10. It seems that Eset customers in Germany are receiving fake emails from unknown individuals claiming they are from Eset. These individuals ask for your credit Card info or other method of payment. They say they will have no other choice than temporarily suspend your account if you do no give them your payment info. I thought to myself most Eset customers are too intelligent to fall for something like that lol There has been a thread started at Wilder's Security Forum on this by one individual that received this message by email. Hopefully no Credit Card info was compromised, but it does appea
  11. gajah88 said he or she already done this in his / her post above, but it is not a good solution.
  12. Thanks for the update Foneil! I better bookmark those links now so I want have to look for them later on. I always try to send new threats to Eset, and Webroot since I use their products.
  13. If you don't want NOD 32 to notify you about bundled bloatware then click on advanced settings in the upper right corner of the NOD 32 GUI. Then choose Antivirus, and Antispyware. Then untick enable detection of potentially unwanted applications. I myself want Eset to detect bloatware. I don't want a bunch of thrid party software being installed on my computer. Most of the time you can opt out of installing third party software such as toolbars etc.. during the installation. This isn't always the case though, and many people install the third party sofware that's bundled with the installer wi
  14. Yes, thank you for detecting it to! Many Antivirus do not detect it. That's just one more reason for me to use Eset.
  15. I love the new forum, and it's layout. It looks very professional, and it's easy to navigate. In my opinion it's very well organized, and provides easy access to whatever one may be looking for. Someone brand new to the forum should be able to navigate the site with ease. I do have some advice to provide an even better user experience. There should be a section on the forum with instructions on how to submit infected links, phishing sites, and malware samples to Eset. NOD 32 allows one to submit a suspicious file, false positive, or other sample from withing NOD 32 itself. Someone new to
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