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  1. Are the servers completely offline, ie. they don't have access to a proxy server providing access to ESET's servers? I assume they are not completely isolated since they can access the ESMC server, are they?

    You can disable LiveGrid on completely offline computers in the EFSW advanced setup -> Detection engine -> Cloud-based protection.

  2. 24 minutes ago, Rami said:

    It works I can open the GUI but before it used to open a GUI icon and never disappear when I close , so it used to stay when I open as Administrator , now when I close it closes ( it works fine ) I want it to stay just for me

    This is not currently supported. The icon is either visible to all or nobody.


    the other question is it possible for multiple admins to receive the notification?

    I have no clue if it'd be technically possible to display notifications and alerts in the session of several users / administrators.

    When you have any requirements, ideas, etc. I'd suggest reporting them via your local distributor who will subsequently pass them to ESET HQ for consideration.

  3. Haven't tested it myself but the help says:

    Terminal - No notifications or alerts will be displayed. GUI can only be started by the Administrator. The user interface should be set to Terminal if graphical elements slow the performance of your computer or cause other problems. You may also want to turn off the GUI on a Terminal server. For more information about ESET File Security installed on Terminal server, see Disable GUI on Terminal Server topic.

    That said, if gui cannot be started by administrators there must be some issue. It shouldn't be a global problem since this is something that should be covered by QA tests and other users would have already noticed and reported such bug. I'd recommend raising a support ticket with your local customer care.


  4. It's not a false positive:

    setup-lightshot.exe\INNO\{tmp}\downloader.exe    Win32/Bundled.Toolbar.Yandex potentially unsafe application

    Other files in the installer also show that there's a Yandex toolbar bundled:


    PUsA detection is optional and is disabled by default. If one needs to use a particular application detected as PUsA, he or she should exclude it from detection by the detection name.

    As for the CPU-Z driver, it's not detected at VT because VT doesn't use real-time protection but on-demand scanners to scan files. In this particular case it makes a difference.

  5. Please read this before you post

    Do not report blocked websites
    After cleaning a website from malware and taking measures to prevent further re-infection, request a re-check as per the instructions in the FAQ. This forum does not serve as a channel for requesting website re-check or disputing blocks or detections.


    According to your screen shot, it was taken 7 days ago. The url was unblocked several days ago. Before you report something, please make sure it's still valid and do not rely on old information.

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