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  1. 18 minutes ago, RogerKr said:

    Same Issue here. I switched to a new cellphone. Deinstalled Eset on the old Cellphone and Installed on the new one. When i was entering my Licenz Key I got the following Message:

    Error getting the license file (2051a000)

    I have bought ESET Multi Device Security 2020. First Device was activated on Feb.14.2020


    I was unable to find any purchased license registered with your forum email address. There is only one trial license for ESET Mobile Security. Is that correct? If not, please provide the public license ID in the form of XXX-XXX-XXX.

  2. I've inquired our Linux expert about this issue. The conclusion is that recent changes in kernel 5.8 require update of Endpoint. We're working on Endpoint v7.1.9.0 which should be ready in a few days and will be fully compatible with kernel 5.8.

    Regarding the tickets you've mentioned, they were created just yesterday at 10:02 and 10:57 according to the information from our colleagues in the US.

    Int. ref: P_EESU-716

    • Remote machine certificate is not trusted because signing certificates (CAs) are not trusted or found in system/agent database

    Create a new agent live installer and re-deploy it on clients. It appears that the CA certificate has changed on the server and the previous one was not saved/restored.

  3. The dialog pops up whenever a new network is detected. If you don't roam between new networks ESET should remember your choice for the given network. If you want to treat any new network as public automatically, you can configured it here:


    You can provide logs collected with ESET Log Collector so that I can check if various networks were actually detected and your choice was remembered.

    Note that public networks have certain services blocked, such as file sharing.

  4. Please provide C:\ProgramData\ESET\RemoteAdministrator\Agent\EraAgentApplicationData\Logs\status.html from the client.

    Is the remote host the IP address or hostname of the ESET PROTECT server? If the latter, are you able to ping it from the client? If it's the IP address, you will have to re-deploy agent and use the new IP address.

  5. 1, Endpoint will be installed, however, if you upgrade from an older version protection may not work until the machine is restarted by the user.

    2, The user cannot delay the reboot. Therefore we recommend performing upgrade outside of work hours. Upgrades from v8 to future versions will be performed via uPCU, ie. a newer version will install after a computer restart. Until then the user will use the existing version.

  6. 4 minutes ago, tmuster2k said:

     Marcos. If saving to share on another server for example would this be correct format >>  //server/share  or   \\server\share  or \\server\c$\share? 

    can you provide example of correct format?

    Unfortunately I don't have any experience with this so I would recommend opening a support ticket.

  7. Please carry on as follows:
    - enable advanced oper. system logging under Tools -> Diagnostics in the adv. setup
    - reproduce the issue
    - disable logging
    - collect logs with ESET Log Collector
    - delete C:\ProgramData\ESET\ESET Security\Diagnostics\esetperf.etl
    - disable protocol filtering in the adv. setup
    - re-enable adv. OS logging
    - repeat the test procedure; the issue shouldn't occur
    - disable logging, re-enable protocol filtering
    - upload logs collected with ESET Log Collector as well as the second esetperf.etl to a safe location and drop me a pm with download links.

  8. 45 minutes ago, Jose Felix Coronado said:

    I've purchased Internet Security for Linux online by your site.
    I've received your email with license key, license ID, username but not password requested to enable NOD32 updates and activate product

    I was able to find only a license for ESET Internet Security for Windows registered with your forum email address.  Please find the U/P in your personal messages.

  9. Installation on Mac OS 11.1 is possible. Even if you get a warning that the OS is not supported, you can continue with the installation. The OS check will be updated as of the next version which is planned for Jan/Feb 21 and which will also add the firewall system extension.

    As for ECS being listed twice, this is because it uses two extensions. Software with more extensions appears multiple times in this list.

    As for issues with email, make sure that IMAPS and POP3S ports are not listed in the list of ports scanned by email protection. Only ports 110 and 143 should be in the list.

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