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  1. 2 minutes ago, Stefan Wagner said:

    Correct, this didn't work.

    So, do we really have to fummble by hand with each single pad to set the desired resolution?

    That's beyond our support. If it doesn't work if you run the tool via ps -s, then we can't help since Qres is not our tool.

    However, maybe other users have experience how to set up screen resolution for users remotely.

  2. It's currently on the pre-release channel, will be announced when released globally.

    Anyways, it'd be good to try it out and let us know about how you like it. Especially we'd like to hear from users of ESET Smart Security Premium how they like the new LiveGuard feature (cloud sandbox coupled with proactive protection).

    If you don't have an ESSP license and want to try LiveGuard, you can temporarily uninstall ESET NOD32 Antivirus or ESET Internet Security and install ESET Smart Security Premium and activate a 1-month trial version.

  3. Hello,

    According to this quick question subforum rules, it is necessary to sign up for this ESET forum. Without that we have no information how to identify you as our customer:

    4, Ask only simple questions. If you want to report an issue, inquire about your license, etc., create a forum account first. This forum is not intended for lengthy discussions.

    Anyways, it appears that you are from UK. What do you mean by printing off the license? You didn't receive an email with your license key or invoice that you could print? License renewal is seamless; you just pay and the product continues to update and protect you for another one or two years.

    As for different names for your PC, do you see this in the license manager at my.eset.com? What is your public license ID? (XXX-XXX-XXX)

    As for the issue receiving a response from customer care, did you contact ESET UK? Did you fill in a contact form or tried to call them?



  4. Basically yes, however, LiveGuard doesn't provide any reports and you cannot check the result of analysis which can be seen in the ESET PROTECT console in case of EDTD. If a file turn out to be malicious during analysis in cloud, it's detected and blocked by ESET. LiveGuard also supports proactive protection, ie. you can temporarily block access to files and execution until a result of analysis is received.

  5. 10 hours ago, cyphrex said:

    Same issue with almost 1000 email notifications for about 600 devices. ESET Tech Support wants the log files from a few endpoints to review, but link to upload ftp doesn't work. Suggestions?

    License: Paid
    License ID: 3AA-DJA-FMT
    Product Version 8.1.2037.2

    We have checked your license and it can authorize against all update servers fine.

    Please enable advanced logging under Help and support -> Technical support and run update to reproduce the issue. Then disable logging, collect logs with ESET Log Collector and provide the generated archive.


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