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  1. Please provide logs collected with ESET Log Collector so that we have information about your ESET product version, the OS and most importantly the hash of eamsi.dll. Older products didn't have the dll signed with a Microsoft certificate but newer products have.

    As for AMSI\FeatureBits, this setting is meant for testing and may be changed with Windows update by Microsoft. It's not something that vendors should change.

  2. I see that you have no proxy set for the primary "My profile" profile:


    That way it should be set only for the secondary "Inetenet update (non-proxy)" profile. Here you should set up your proxy server like as follows:


    Since using direct connection if proxy is not available is enabled, also clients outside your network should be able to update using this update profile.

  3. Is there any reason for updating from a mirror in your company instead of using an http proxy and updating from ESET's servers? I'm asking because using a mirror is not necessary in network environments where at least one machine has Internet connection. When using a mirror, you can't take advantage of streamed updates which are available when updating through a proxy.

    In that case you could simply use the option to update directly if connection through a proxy fails.

  4. As far as I know, we receive information about available OS updates as well as the category of particular updates from the operating system itself. I'd recommend opening a ticket with your local support to troubleshoot the issue and to confirm that the root cause lies outside of ESET.

    Also we kindly ask you to choose a more friendly display name and we'll change it for you. "n1ghtm4n4g3r" is difficult to remember, quote, etc. If there were more users with a similar display name, it would be impossible for everyone to attribute posts to particular users.

  5. 6 hours ago, Eddie said:

    I have to close my Outlook client to stop this this threat detection alert from occurring every minute. I even selected "delete emails" under Advanced Setup as posted by ITMAN on June 17.

    Please read the instructions for collecting logs above and upload an archive generated by ESET Log Collector here.

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