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    TBH I've no clue why all of a sudden my ESET started to talk to me in Russian. That happened about 4/5 months ago.

    That's really weird. Maybe attackers connected via RDP  and installed the Russian version of our software to confuse you and to prevent you from understanding what settings they turned off or reconfigured in a way to allow malware to run. If you still have the Russian version installed, please collect logs with ESET Log Collector for perusal.

    We'll reach out to the Russian partner on this. I too don't believe that refunding the license would not be possible. Feel free to drop me a message if you don't get a refund within several days so that I can escalate the case then.


  2. ARP cache poisoning may occur if a computer has more network adapters sharing the same IP address for load balancing or if there are devices with identical IP addresses in the network. If you trust the device, create an IDS exception for the detection. The same applies to the TCP port scanning attack detection; if it originates from a trusted devices and you know that it can scan remote ports for legitimate purposes, create an IDS exception.

  3. The error could be caused by insufficient permissions for the target folder or the quarantined files could be corrupted or inaccessible, e.g. due to a hw failure. Right-click the desired file in quarantine, select "Restore to" and restore it to a folder on your system drive. Then you can manually move it to another device or drive.

    Please provide logs collected with ESET Log Collector.

  4. When a new network is detected, you are asked if you trust it or not. E.g. if you connect your computer to your home network for the first time, you should mark it as home/office network (trusted). If you connect to a wi-fi network on an airport for instance, you mark it as public because you don't trust it.

    In your case it was new networks for different adapters on your machine that were detected (ethernet, some virtual adapter and ipsec0) so you may want to mark them as home/office networks that you trust. After clicking OK for each of the networks you should not be asked again.

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