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  1. First of all, there is no reason to not resend the license email to your registration email address. The email is sent automatically almost instantly after purchase or after filling in the form https://www.eset.com/int/support/lost-license/.

    If the email doesn't come, check your spam folder please.

    As to your licenses, I've found 3 valid ones:
    3AH-758-CBE, 3 devices, valid until May 1, 2021
    3AJ-A73-HSH, 3 devices, valid until June 6, 2021
    3AJ-X4N-AEJ, 3 devices, valid until Dec 4, 2021

    If there are any issues with your licenses, please contact the Russian distributor who issued them. They all appear to be valid and working.

  2. Please make sure to allow communication with ESET's Web Control servers on port 53535 on a firewall as per https://support.eset.com/en/kb332:

    • Base domain for DNS queries: e5.sk
    • Make sure to open UDP port 53535 for the addresses in the table below and allow requests to your local DNS server (UDP/TCP port 53).
    Hostname IP address
  3. In specific cases performance exclusions may be required, e.g. on MS Exchange server Microsoft recommends excluding certain files and folders to prevent potential issues. Another example is backup when the files being backed up were already scanned so scanning them again after being written by the backup sw process would unnecessarily slow down the backup process.

  4. First of all, are you positive that it's the firewall which is blocking the communication? By default, in automatic mode all outbound communication is allowed and all non-initiated inbound communication blocked. Torrent apps should work alright without the need to create a specific firewall rule. Does actually pausing the firewall make a difference?

    Couldn't it be that the torrent app is detected as a potentially unwanted application and is blocked? If so, try creating a detection exclusion.

    Please provide logs collected with ESET Log Collected for a review.

  5. My understanding is that developers didn't realized that adding IMAPS and POP3S ports to the list won't have the same benefits than adding the HTTPS port. For a long time it hadn't caused any issues until Big Sur. Another AV vendor notified us about the bug they found:

    We at ... have detected the following issue in macOS BigSur. When MailShield is enabled and some other Network System extension app (Cisco AnyConnect VPN version 4.9, Little Snitch) is installed, Apple Mail stops working with IMAP properly. The issue lies in Apple’s libnetwork.dylib that is used by Apple Mail and Safari. This library starts logging some SSL handshake errors without any connections even arriving to our extension.

    Our MailShield is built as an NETransparentProxy Network System Extension. Our tests show that the issue occurs even when we reject any incoming connections. Also the Network Extension in Cisco AnyConnect is dormant as only VPN is enabled. We have already checked that the same issue appears between ESET and CISCO. We did not check any other AV. We reported this to Apple a few months ago, but it was not fixed yet. We would like to ask you to check your solution and report similar bugs to Apple to hopefully push this forward a bit faster.

  6. The log was extremely large (23 GB), opening it paralyzed my machine for more than an hour. As I've asked, please do not leave advanced OS logging enabled for more than a minute and compress the log next time.

    Try the following:
    1, Use automatic firewall mode. Currently you use interactive mode and have more than 1500 rules created. Try the following:
    - export the current configuration
    - switch the firewall to automatic mode
    - delete all custom rules

    If that doesn't help, try uninstalling ESET and installing it from scratch without changing default settings.

    2, PhpStorm was another CPU intensive process. Please make sure it's not running when trying to troubleshoot CPU utilization issues.

  7. ESET's EDR solution is ESET Enterprise Inspector (ie. not EDTD). Currently the on-premise EEI receives a lot of intel data from clients (much more than any other competitive solution as far as I know) which is why it cannot be used in the cloud easily. However, we're working on a cloud version of EEI which will be announced here as well as via other standard channels shortly before the release.

  8. Looks like you didn't enable advanced operating system logging as instructed. The Diagnostics folder was empty, esetperf.etl log was missing.

    Please remove from detection exclusions:

    Win32/CoinMiner.DP potentially unwanted application  @ C:\Program Files (x86)\EasyMiner\cudaminer\ccminer.exe
    Win32/CoinMiner.DP potentially unwanted application  @ *
    Win32/CoinMiner.BV potentially unwanted application  @ C:\Program Files (x86)\EasyMiner\cpuminer-x32\minerd.exe
    Win32/CoinMiner.BV potentially unwanted application  @ *

    Enable detection of potentially unsafe applications, just in case.

    You have a problem with LiveGrid. Access to LiveGrid servers is probably blocked by a firewall. Please make sure that the CloudCar test file is detected upon download: http://amtso.eicar.org/cloudcar.exe

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