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renewal of license not activated

annita verbrugge

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my eset license expired today. Via your online site, I have renewed it on September 10. The payment has been accepted, and in my account info, I can see that the status of the "renewal order" has been completed.

However, I still got messages about termination of my current license and as of today, I got a message that the license indeed got terminated.

How come ? Do I need to do something manually in order to activate my new license (1 year/ 3 pcs) ?


Furthermore, I've tried to get in touch with your Support department via the Contact page, filled in my userid & password (as defined when I did create my eset account), but I got a windows popup box, saying "the server staging.eset.sk at Restricted Area requires a username & password. (see attached screenshot).

I filled in my userid & password, but it wasn't accepted and as such, my request for help about this wasn't forwarded to your support site !


Please assist in order to allow me to activate my renewed license.

thank you.



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