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ESET SS 9.0.402 Windows 10 Anti-Theft Problems

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I'm having problems with a device using anti-theft, my other 3 devices can run tests within a minute of requesting it through the web, however this one device just stays on "Test is still running"

It's had that behavious since Saturday. This morning, I activated the "Stolen" mode, and it took 4 hours to activate, but it still did not Sync the phantom account name from the web, updated the Web's Phantom account name as the default one that got created on the device.

I've since "Recovered" the device about 3 hours ago, but it is taking Snapshots as if it were still in stolen mode, but I have the "Run Test" option visible, with it saying "Test is still running".

The device has neither restarted to revert back to the main account, nor has it synced with the new device name I named through the Web.


Any ideas on how to get this to sync? I have no idea why this one device takes so long, when the other 3 do it almost instantaneously.

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