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  1. I just wanted to ask why there is no conversion tool in the license manager menus; specifically for license key conversion to username and password for linux nod32. downloading the .linux package doesn't inject the license key for auto activation, so there is no way to activate for users with newer licenses.
  2. Ok thanks. There's no home-type licenses for those are there? This is probably a rare use case.
  3. Hello, I'm just about to try installing Windows Server 2016 on my laptop and was wondering if ESS is compatible with this edition of Windows? It's basically going to be used as a server in a home environment Thanks
  4. Hello I'm having problems with a device using anti-theft, my other 3 devices can run tests within a minute of requesting it through the web, however this one device just stays on "Test is still running" It's had that behavious since Saturday. This morning, I activated the "Stolen" mode, and it took 4 hours to activate, but it still did not Sync the phantom account name from the web, updated the Web's Phantom account name as the default one that got created on the device. I've since "Recovered" the device about 3 hours ago, but it is taking Snapshots as if it were still in stolen mode, bu
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