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OS X scan with cleaning does nothing

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I ran a scan with cleaning on an OS X system and the scan found numerous Potentially Unwanted Programs.


When I look at the client details under Threats and Quarantine all rows under the 'Resolved' column are blank, and all rows under the 'Action' column are blank. In some cases, there are no values in the 'Threat Type' column; some are flagged PUP, others Application, and some are just blank as if they're not categorized.


My biggest concern is that the scan completed, found and flagged the threats, and from appearances did nothing to mitigate the threats.


Any suggestions get this system clean? 

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  • ESET Staff

In case of PUAs, you have to have your scanning profile set to "strict cleaning" instead of "normal cleaning" (default value), in order to remove them.

So first apply a policy on your endpoints, with strict cleaning set for your scanning profile, and then re-execute the scan again. 

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