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proxy setting on Av client or server or agent ?


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Dear All,

Actually, i am confused about the setting of proxy because there is multiple setting

on av client ,under update---->http proxy--->proxy mode and also it is found in Tools--->proxy server

On ERA server under Admin--->server setting---->advance setting--->http proxy

as well as the agent policy applied on all client (use http proxy)

. which setting should be done to allow update and what is the use of each setting..


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  • Administrators

If you don't use dual update profiles in Endpoint on clients, configure the proxy under Tools -> Proxy server. Also make sure that it's configured properly in the agent's policy.

If the ERA server is behind the proxy server, configure it under Admin -> Server settings ...

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I era server setting i found the IP of server it self appeared on server setting proxy (my network have not proxy server the internet is direct)

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  • Former ESET Employees

I'll also add that we ask (for security reasons) that you not use your license username as your username on the forums. See Rule #1 here: https://forum.eset.com/topic/76-rules-of-the-eset-security-forum/


Please change your username. To do that:

  1. At the top of the forums page, on the left in the header click your username
  2. Click "My Settings"
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  4. Type your new display name (NOT your license number or password) 
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  • ESET Staff

This is a result of installing ERA Server using either "all in one" or "appliance" and checking the option to install "apache http proxy" on the same machine as ERA Server. This will configure ERA server settings, agent policy and policies for Endpoints to communicate with ESET servers using this proxy server, for caching of AV updates, installer packages and it also forwards the communication with ESET Live Grid and licensing servers. However, your ERA Server should have a static IP address set, to make this work properly.

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