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  1. Dears Eset team I need to know when the release of Eset v 7 will be launched ?? What is the difference between 6 and 7 ..? I have Eset Version 5 customers ..what is your recommendation regarding the upgrade ,,to upgrade from 5 to 7 or to upgrade from 5 to 6 and then to 7 ... Thanks
  2. Dears all I am installing eset on linux centos desktop machine i would like to know the name of eset package when run command yum list installed As it is not appeared
  3. Dears All; I would like to know if Eset administration on the coming releases will have the capability to run policy in specific schedule, we need this feature to apply policy in specific time and shift automatically to default policy by the end of this time period ... kindly reply
  4. it was upgrade but we do reboot the server. it is Microsoft windows server 2008 and 2003 also
  5. Dears All I want to know if i Eset mail security have content filtering capability and if i can set rule to filter email content,We have annoying email content attacking our network. Kindly advice.
  6. we try to reboot ,also we manually remove Av using Eset uninstaller tool.and again the issue appear..
  7. After installation of Eset file security in server it report a red alarm that (prouduct installed but its not running ) kindly advice..
  8. Why do some clients appear twice in the ESET Remote Administrator Web console V.6.xx I try to run default rename task but still the issue is pending ..
  9. dears all, kindly advice i have issue in update from mirror through HTTP .via shared folder clients update normally i also try to change 2221 port no client and server but it didn't work
  10. I would like to know if Eset file security latest version compatible with Redhat 5.4 and redhat 3.5 server ?? your promoted response is highly appreciated... Regards
  11. plz help as this suspend the installation project ..
  12. installation manually also tested and it report the following error although the .net 4.0 was installed (Microsoft .net framework 4.0 installation has failed with exit code -2146697211)
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