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How to exclude mount points


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I am using ESET 4.5 (File Security for Microsoft Windows Server) and am trying to figure out if I can exclude all volumes mounted in a certain directory.


Let's say I have a directory C:\BackupMounts and in this directory, I have 3 disk mounted at:





I tried adding C:\BackupMounts\* as an exclusion, but my backup application still gets access denied errors when opening some files for writing in those directories (and uninstalling ESET fixes the issue).

Unfortunately, the mount point name of disk1, disk2, disk3, etc. is not fixed, though it always has a common prefix.  Is there some pattern that would work here?

A process exclusion option would be perfect here, but that doesn't appear to be an option in 4.5.



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process exclusions are available in EFSW 6+ so I recommend and upgrade to the latest version.


Regards, P.R.


Thanks, that's definitely the best long-term approach here and I will present that as an option.  However, this is running on one of my customer's environments, so an upgrade is not something that can happen short-term.


Is there any file exclusion syntax that will work here in version 4.5?  Turning off heuristics made a difference as there was not actual viruses involved, but full exclusion would be preferable.



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