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ERA and tomcat present

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i was asking how to install ERA and web console

When i launch the setup it detect that tomcat is present for another application (very critical) and asking me to uncheck (not installing)


So how can i Install the web console and have no conflict with my other application ?????



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  • ESET Staff

I guess you do not want to share already installed Apache Tomcat with ERA installation?


In case you do want separate tomcat instances, there is no other way except manual Apache Tomcat installation (you will have to handle conflicts on your own, for example with windows service name and installation location). Once tomcat dedicated for ERA is installed, you can proceed with steps described in ERA documentation. In case you wish to use exactly the same configuration as ERA uses, I would recommend to install Webconsole (only) on another machine and migrate installation directory with ERA-specific configuration and already deployed Webconsole application.


Unfortunately conflicting Apache Tomcat installation will most probably result in ERA components upgrade task to be not able to upgrade Webconsole installation.

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