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1Min support not bad I must say Marcos  :lol:


Yes as Marcos says, protection in all browser.


I want to add -> Without any stupid addons, plugins, toolbars etc etc.....


Several vendors uses plugins for their web protection, wich in many cases won't work to 100% in all browser since the vendor needs to make the plugin work with the browsers that they want the web protection to work in, and in return if you use some other browser other than the major 4 IE, Chrome, Opera, Firefox, the plugin will most likely not work correctly and in return neither will the web protection.


But nothing of the above is to be found anywhere in ESET's products wich is yet another huge reason why I really enjoy using and like their software as much as I do, wich is a lot  :)

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Thank you very much.A tech guy suggested me not to use any Comodo browsers.Comodo Dragon.Comodo Ice Dragon

You can use them, there is no browser plugin involved that ESET need to make compatible with every browser on the market for you to get good protection online. Use whatever browser you want it doesn't matter  :)

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Browser plugins are a primary target for malware and spyware creators, due to the fact the plug ins have already manipulated the system; and its the main program that floats around the web for users.

Why go out there and try to attach to emails or similar when you can sit on a webserver and wait for the less inclined to stop by with the right conditions like Yahoo toolbar or Google toolbar with lack of java patching or flash patching etc.


Some people might shake their fist at me, however i really dont care, but you will be better off following these conditions :
- Dont use plug ins ie. Yahoo toolbar etc ( CoooOoOoOL i can do this stuff right from my browser??; quit being lazy and go to the sites that are setup for these. )

- Dont use the most popular browsers ie. Chrome ( I use Waterfox , :huh: people usually go huh?!? whats that ? )

- Check for updates on your main web based apps daily ie. Flash, Java, Silverlight ( Make sure stuff like Jusched are running )

- Dont visit suspicious sites or sites you have never been to without checking on VirusTotal or similar. ie. www.freecoupons.com ( :huh: Maybe has free stuffs for me ??? )


The list goes on, but you get the jist !


Good day. B)

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