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Smart Security 9 uninstall does not remove firewall entries in network properties

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I just uninstalled Smart Security on Windows 10 Professional in order to try and resolve an issue, and the uninstaller did not remove the network connections driver entries for "ESET Personal Firewall" from the properties of the registered network connections. This means that after a reboot following the uninstall the network does no longer work (e.g. for wifi the system connects but does not register an IP address).


Disabling the entry in the network connections entry resolves the issue.

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Uninstallation of drivers is performed by the operating system itself. We merely call a Windows function to unregister a driver from the system and then it's fully in the hands of the operating system to uninstall it properly and completely.


If you are able to reproduce it and would like to troubleshoot it further, we'd need an uninstall log from the situation when the epfwlwf driver is not unregistered from the system completely.

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