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Hi All:


The client has a long URL is eset endpoint products to deny,adding server IP excluded IP addresses can be excluded, to ask for what is a long eset endpoint URL blocking mechanism?




thank you.

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  • ESET Staff

Unfortunately, it's not clear what the issue or question is. Maybe someone will have a clue.


Maybe there is problem with length of URL to be denied? Not sure what kind of validator is used in endpoint configuration..

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  • Administrators

In your initial post you inquired about URL but your last question is more about HIPS blocking modification of programs. Please explain in more details.

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Hi Marcos



Let colleagues within the company to download PDF report.


2.Information processing is currently excluded ip address in the web and e-mail your reports to exclude erp ip url normal output, the problem in oracle erp already encountered more than twice.


3.Clients want to know the blocking rules to modify their programs.


Thank you.

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