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No Unmanaged clients showing in console ERA 6.4

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I have just setup AD sync which has imported the group structure into the console and moved all the existing managed clients into the right place.


There are no unmanaged clients being synced though. I have checked the All group and Lost and Found, which are empty. Also the groups where they should be due to the AD sync just show the managed computers.


I am not using any filters on the column headings in the console, so I think they are not syncing or not showing up. I have tried multiple syncs of AD.

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First of all, please check the settings of task "delete not connecting computers", with the checkbox selected to "remove unmanaged computers".

To be sure for 100% please import the attached report template, and generate the report.  If computers are there, there might be an issue with your webconsole. If they are not there, problem is in the AD synchronization.


Only unmanaged report template.dat

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