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  1. As the title suggests when performing an upgrade of Windows 10 1511 (Education x64) to 1607 the installation fails. I have managed to dig through the logs and found the following in the "c:\$WINDOWS.~BT\Sources\Panther\setuperr.log" DRVMIG: Failed to inject driver package in the new OS (payload hardlinked): C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\ehdrv.inf_amd64_afab37c21652b95d\ehdrv.inf. Error: 0x80070002[gle=0x0000007a] I believe that ehdrv.inf is an ESET driver. I am wondering if the ESET engineers can take a look at this, as either disabling or uninstalling ESET before doing an upgrade is going to make the task a very tricky process.
  2. I have just setup AD sync which has imported the group structure into the console and moved all the existing managed clients into the right place. There are no unmanaged clients being synced though. I have checked the All group and Lost and Found, which are empty. Also the groups where they should be due to the AD sync just show the managed computers. I am not using any filters on the column headings in the console, so I think they are not syncing or not showing up. I have tried multiple syncs of AD.
  3. I am getting the same issue on Server 2008 R2 with File Security 6.2.12007 installed. This causes ekrn to use nearly all the CPU and also starts to steadily consume available RAM. I have uninstalled File Security on the affected servers for now but this is not a solution.
  4. Is there anyway to stop the ERA console from warning that clients have presentation mode enabled? I have tried to configure a policy for Security Products to only log Critical events, but the Presentation Warnings are still showing up.
  5. I am getting the same error, but when I rerun the task it doesn't fix the issue. Looking at the logs which are created during the upgrade it fails (Windows/Temp). I have tried to follow the manual upgrade process but when running the Server.MSI the installer warns that the database cannot be upgraded.
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