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How do I create a report with multiple sections? I've created report templates in ERAS v6 but I'm not seeing the option to include multiple sections in reports. I'm trying to create a weekly threat report including data from multiple categories. Attached is an example of the weekly report I created in ERAS v5. Is this possible in v6?

Old ESET Report.pdf

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  • ESET Staff

Sorry for maybe a duplicate question, but what you basically want, is to create a one bigger report, assembled from multiple report templates in ERA 6, ideally combined into one .pdf output. Is this correct? 


That is not possible as of now, as the generate report task, is to able to include only a one report template at a time into the output. We are however planning to change the behavior, so you will be able to receive multiple reports at once (this is currently estimated for ERA 6.5 in December). 

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