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ERA 6 Proxy and Installation

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I manage many sites and am very familiar with ERA v5.  We are starting to deploy v6 and I had a quick question.  After the agent is deployed, to push a security package to a remote site, does a proxy have to be in place?  I don't see anything in the documentation about this but I have many branch offices that only have a 2-10 computers and a proxy at each site seems overkill.  In one of my two test branches I have a proxy deployed and installs work fine.  In a smaller branch I don't and installs fail.  Just wanted to see if this was the answer before I dig too deep.  Thanks.

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  • ESET Staff

Hello zwylde,



The ERA Server must be visible by client computers. Additionally, client computers must be able to communicate with your ERA Server to use remote deployment and the wake-up call feature.

I also consider to install ERA Proxy to a branch office with 2-10 computers as an overkill. I suggest you to,

  • use agent live installers to deploy ERA Agent
  • if possible, to resolve it on a network layer, for example to create a tunnel/VPN connection to your HQ office.
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