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  1. My installation tasks have stopped working. When deploying they say "Failed to run task: The referenced repository package is not available." When I browse to update the package there is nothing listed. I'm running 7.0.471.0. I verified my sources are set to autoselect. Any ideas?
  2. Jim, Thanks for the reply. I am aware of the problems that arose from Microsoft's MS16-072 patch. They have been resolved on all of my networks. However, in my troubleshooting of this issue, I have found that uninstalling ESET from the computer resolves the problem. Re-installing brings the problem back. Also, I have found that when ESET is NOT installed on these problematic computers, running a gpupdate /force will cause the drive mappings from GPP to instantly populate. If ESET is installed the drive mappings don't populate immediately but will if I log off and back on. As I stated, this is not happening on all computers. Just a few. But it is reproducible on those machines. If there is a way to rule out ESET that I have not thought of I would be glad to try it. All signs right now are pointing towards it being the cause. Thanks again, Jake
  3. We have just deployed Endpoint Antivirus version 6 to all of our customers. Randomly we're seeing failures to apply group policy at logon and it's causing us a lot of issues. After a computer boots the user needs to wait for 3-5 minutes prior to logon or user-based GPOs will not apply. Any suggestions as which direction to go to resolve this issue?
  4. This fixed the problem. I highly recommend you guys create a product uninstaller for this.
  5. Server is 2008R2. This was running 6.3 but failed to upgrade. After removal of the 6.3 agent, new 6.4 agent will not install. install.log attached. Any input on this? install.log
  6. And I should add that the other computers on this license have activated fine. Just this one machine.
  7. Cannot find anything useful in the logs. Will not activate from Remote Administrator or manually. Any input on this error (ACT.21)?
  8. I manage many sites and am very familiar with ERA v5. We are starting to deploy v6 and I had a quick question. After the agent is deployed, to push a security package to a remote site, does a proxy have to be in place? I don't see anything in the documentation about this but I have many branch offices that only have a 2-10 computers and a proxy at each site seems overkill. In one of my two test branches I have a proxy deployed and installs work fine. In a smaller branch I don't and installs fail. Just wanted to see if this was the answer before I dig too deep. Thanks.
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