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Getting ESS alert every time I open FF browser. Reason?

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Good morning everyone,


     Since I first turned-on my computer earlier this morning, I have noticed every single time I click on the Firefox icon to open the browser (I'm offline at the time), ESS immediately displays the alert shown in the attached screenshot further down.  Thus far, the alert is only displayed when I first open the FF browser.  I haven't seen it re-appear whle visiting the usual websites I normally check each day.


I have checked both the URL and IP address - they apparently belong to MozillaHowever, I see that VirusTotal (Quttera), and IPvoid (Quterra) are both flagging it as malicious.  Quterra specifically reports 2 malicious files, as well as, the URL itself (hxxps://raw.githubusercontent.com...).  URLvoid (Scumware) is flagging the URL as well.

I've run scans of my computer with ESS, MBAM, and SAS - no detection's found.  I also scanned the Firefox executable file in the (Program Files x86) folder with the aforementioned scanners - no issues were found.


I've only been using ESS since February of this year, and still trying to understand how things work in it (unfortunately, age and health have taken their toll on me), I've only seen this type alert once before and it was for a McAfee-related URL/IP.  (that particular alert has never occurred again).


My questions:


1.  Can someone please explain what is happening with this sudden alerting on Firefox?


2.  Are there any action(s) I need to take?


Thank you for your time, review and any help!




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Thanks very much for getting back with me, Marcos! :)


I certainly HOPE...it's a false positive, especially given the other sources mentioned in my OP which indicated "maliciousness."


Thanks again!



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On another note- I got tired of having to update buggy FF several times do to Security issues..., After Every new release!-

I Upgraded to the faster Chrome based Opera browser (easier user Menu Options, than Chrome), with  automatic updates (every few months...)!

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