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  1. I removed the Tick/ got a Win confirm, but the Daily Scan scheduler I created is still there!? I would assume that it is still being loaded, in case I want to later run it (Not!)- How do I completely delete/remove it? see snip-
  2. I removed the Tick from Daily scan yesterday, and my system is Much Faster today... After two months of Daily scans- I probably have Huge created scans...!"- How do I permanently Delete them?
  3. Thank you for the detailed reply!- The main reason I do a Daily scan, is for rootkit detection (I was infected before ESA). Are they scanned for, when I open Google Chrome? You are correct about scan times increasing! I will stop scan, and let you know?
  4. I scheduled a Daily scan at 1pm (only takes 3-3.5 minutes)- When I scheduled- they recommended once a week? Changes take several days to take effect? Should I change it to weekly, and which day is best?
  5. I did another Google search, and this is an experimental feature- to Disable it, and remove icon- copy this to search bar, and Press Enter, click down arrow on box/Disable/Press Relaunch icon... chrome://flags/#enable-tab-search Open/close browser twice
  6. Today I have a New Search Tabs icon (hover over), on my Google Chrome Tab Bar?- I clicked on it, and it just Minimized my browser? I do a Full Scan every day at 1pm (only takes 3min), and it was clean. I did a negative Google Search.
  7. I didn't have Any of these Win 10 issues until after I installed the "supposedly" stable v 14.0.22?!- I suspect others will have issues? NOD32 AV is Very Fast, and I'll wait for a fix...
  8. Sorry!- I'm talking about Windows Updates.- I've had many problems in the past doing Any systems maintenance on a Sunday (during auto-Time update (hundreds of temp files...)). Today when I rebooted (Normal time/DST update), 1hr+ after cold startup- Windows reverted to Pre-DST time!? HUH? I did a manual time sync & rebooted again- On startup, Win has a Notification that Windows has an Account Problem, and Passwords have to be repaired... (happens every so often?), Repaired & Rebooted again. OK now- Hmmm?
  9. I've been having problems with Win 10 Pro auto-installing Optional Previews every Sunday (not checked!)? During recently installing NOD32 AV, I clicked Update (made me a Beta-Tester/NOT!?)- Now it shows I have version Is that the current regular user version? If not, how do I uninstall/reinstall current version?
  10. 1. I am installing ESET NOD32 Anti Virus 2021. 2. I only use Google Chrome, as I like their Advanced Security . 3. Q?- Does NOD32 scan for rootkits?
  11. In the past I've goofed up Installation, and hope I do better this time!?- 1. Is there a Web Advisor with green... check marks next to safe sites? If not which add-on do you recommend? 2. During installation, do I Manually run a scan/when, or does it ask for a reboot first, then when? 3. I have a Password Manager I like- How do I Disable NOD's?when?
  12. I am sick of the ESS v8 upgrade nags, my lic. is about to run out, and v8 fails the ESET Live Grid test (it is fully enabled in F5?)- I read that improved EIS replaced ESS, I bought a boxed EIS 3 user lic, How do I go about upgrading to EIS (uninstall ESS, & clean reinstall EIS is OK...). Do I uninstall ESS in Safe mode, using what tool, or...?
  13. First off I didn't like v9, and will wait for bugs to be fixed in v10- I didn't like the "iffy" virus definition updates in v8, and trialed a couple of other IS products on my laptop? They were slow & buggy, and I downloaded a fresh v8/installed. My laptop now shows v8.0.319.0, and my desktop shows v8.0.310.0? Do I need to do something... to bring my desktop to .319, or...?- If so over the top install, or...?
  14. The ESS splash logo always shows on a cold startup, but not always on reboot? Sometimes "e" doesn't appear on the taskbar (only twice)? I've open/closed ESS, and No notifications... I've run ESS scan. I've also run on-demand scans- herdprotect, and MBAM AV/rootkit. All are OK? What would cause this?
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