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Update CentOS

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short list of generic recommendation:

  • I would strongly recommend to create snapshot/backup before proceeding.
  • You must also expect outage of ERA services, especially in case there will be update of critical packages (i.e. MySQL database, core system libraries, linux kernel). Certain packages may require you to restart whole system afterwards.
  • There is a chance system won't be remotely accessible after update, therefore I would plan updating to time you have access directly to linux console and do not rely on SSH/ERA Webconsole - especially in case you are updating after longer time.
  • In case you do not want to risk possible functionality problems there is also possibility to update only selected packages (for example OpenSSL or java security updates), which will reduce impact on system.
  • Even there is possibility to perform update from ERA Websonsole, It is recommended to perform it directly from command line, so that you have full control and can handle possible problems.
  • Before you update, you must be aware of that we were testing appliance in state as it was released, and therefore cannot guarantee, nor predict what could possibly happen after future updates.
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