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Anti-Stealth Non Functional


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Hi, My son had Eset, and either he deleted it, or a virus did if possible.  Id like to think my 15yr old would NEVER delete his Anti Virus Protection.   Anyway, on reinstalling, it is saying that Anti-Stealth non functional, or not working.   Home page says this functionality can not be started


I just need to know how to fix this.


Im running a virus scan right now as well


Also HIPS says Non-Functional 

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  • ESET Staff

Hi @Piazano,


Yes, Those 2 are very important for ESET detect malware.


In the case a Reinstall+reboot don't fix that (aka both goes activated), then

I suggest you contact your local distributor for support.


If can generate a ESET SysInspector log (Tools > ESET SysInspector),

that can bring some light to find the why.

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