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HTTP Scanner protocol checking blocking loading of TV Guide on http://www.itv.com/tvguide


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I am having the following problem with ESET Nod32 AV 9 on 2 computers, both are running Windows 10 Pro  64 bit.  The latest versions of Java, Flash, Shockwave, etc.are installed on both computers.


When navigating to the web adress hxxp://www.itv.com/tvguide with the HTTP scanner activated the TV Guide does not load.  For some unknown reason the HTTP scanner is blocking the loading of the TV Guide on the page. The rest of the page loads but its taking longer than a minute for it to appear. (I've enclosed a screenshot of what loads to illustate the problerm)  When I turn the HTTP scanner off, the page loads immediately, incuding the full TV Guide. The problem is happening in all of the latest releases of the browsers I have installed on both computers, Opera, IE 11, Edge, Firefox and Waterfox.  I have been in touch with ITV.com and they have advised that the TV Guide is working as normal.  Here is the reply ITV.com have sent to me:


Thanks for getting in touch.

I have tested the TV Guide on the ITV Hub and I can't replicate the issue you describe with the Guide not loading.

It may be a good idea to clear your cache and cookies by checking out the instructions found at:-
If you continue to experience issues it you might want to use a different web browser such as Google Chrome. You can download Chrome at:-
Don't hesitate to come back to me if you have any further questions.
Many Thanks
ITV Viewer Support"


Does anyone have an idea as to why the HTTP scanner would be blocking the TV Guide on the webpage?  (This problem is being caused by the HTTP scanner and not the HTTPS scanner)  I have already tried uninstalling NOD32, running CCleaner and then re-installing NOD32.  After a clean re-install of NOD32 the problem still occurs.


Here is a list of the modules and components I currently have installed.


Virus signature database: 13269 (20160401)
Rapid Response module: 7766 (20160401)
Update module: 1062 (20151228)
Antivirus and antispyware scanner module: 1481 (20160310)
Advanced heuristics module: 1168 (20160304)
Archive support module: 1247 (20160311)
Cleaner module: 1119 (20160315)
Anti-Stealth support module: 1094 (20160119)
ESET SysInspector module: 1257 (20151113)
Real-time file system protection module: 1010 (20150806)
Translation support module: 1456 (20160222)
HIPS support module: 1219 (20160322)
Internet protection module: 1226.21 (20160329)
Database module: 1078 (20160301)
Configuration module (33): 1240.3 (20160215)
LiveGrid communication module: 1021 (20160310)
Specialized cleaner module: 1010 (20141118)
Rootkit detection and cleaning module: 1000 (20151228)
Network protection module: 1117 (20160401)


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Has this problem sorted itself out ?? Looking at the TV guide using ESS from within the UK with no issues at all.

Marcos replied to another similar issue with NOD32 blocking sites and if you have an OLD V9 installer, then it can cause issues with sites after a major update.

If your issue still persists, might be worth downloading the newest v9 download and installing that one (if you dont already have it). hxxp://www.eset.co.uk/Download/Software/Product/EAVH

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When navigating to the web adress hxxp://www.itv.com/tvguide with the HTTP scanner activated the TV Guide does not load.  For some unknown


I just tried and it loads fine here. Perhaps one of the module updates released after this thread was created has fixed it.

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