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  1. I am having the following problem with ESET Nod32 AV 9 on 2 computers, both are running Windows 10 Pro 64 bit. The latest versions of Java, Flash, Shockwave, etc.are installed on both computers. When navigating to the web adress hxxp://www.itv.com/tvguide with the HTTP scanner activated the TV Guide does not load. For some unknown reason the HTTP scanner is blocking the loading of the TV Guide on the page. The rest of the page loads but its taking longer than a minute for it to appear. (I've enclosed a screenshot of what loads to illustate the problerm) When I turn the HTTP scanner off
  2. My fathers computer in the UK (I live in The Netherlands) is now experiencing exactly the same problem with https scanning as described above. He is using the latest version of Eset Smart Security. This looks like a rather serious bug if you want my opinion. Th only way I found to resolve this problem was to roll back my entire Win 10 OS using Acronis to a backup with NOD32 v8 on it, unuinstall ver.8 then install version 9. What a pain all told. I'm just waiting for NOD32 v9 to begin acting up again and start blocking https websites and images for no reason. I see that I am not alone
  3. Bad news, it worked fine for 2 days after doing a complete fresh re-install of NOD32 AV 9, now all https websites are again being blocked by NOD32 AV9's https scanner for no reason. This really is now getting extremely irritating. I have been using NOD32 for over 10 years and I've never had this nonsense with Eset products before. Why is NOD32 AV 9 intermittently blocking https websites and not allowing downloading of images on certain sites for absolutely no reason on one of my computers? What is the HTTPS scanner playing at? Date and time are correct, all internet security settings i
  4. Have you tried uninstalling NOD32 and then doing a complete fresh install? I was having https protocol problems with NOD32 and reinstalling solved the issue.
  5. I've just done a complete re-install of NOD32 AV 9. I totally removed it from my system and then re-installed it. So far, this seems to have resolved the problem. Something must have gone wrong with the update from AV 8 to 9 I think. With the fresh install, I'm getting access to all https sites and images/ pictures are being downloaded on webpages as they should.
  6. Many thanks for your replies. I've reset my internet options security settings to default, restarted the computer and switched on the https scanner. The sites and webpages are loading again as they should. @stackz "The correct settings should be enabling all the TLS entries and disabling SSL 2.0 and SSL 3.0 as depicted." These were the settings I was already using in internet options for TLS and SSL. The odd thing with this problem is that it happens intermittently. For a few hours I'll have no problems with getting access to https websites with the https scanner activated, then t
  7. I have Nod32 AV 9 installed on a desktop and on a laptop. Both computers are running Windows 10, 64 bit and have all the current Windows Updates installed. NOD32 is also fully up-to-date. Nod32 AV 9 works fine on the laptop. On the desktop, Nod32 has recently been giving me a 'Secure Access Failed' on certain https websites in Firefox. In other browsers, I'm being told the website is not available. On other websites it is blocking the downloading of images/ pictures but does download the text, www.theguardian.com being one of them and https://forum.eset.comanother. This is happenin
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