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installation on windows 7/8/10 pro (not server)

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Good day to everybody,


I am evaluating ERA 6, the company I work for is more or less a var, however the typical target is a LAN of maximum 20 computers.


At a first glance I like ERA 6, however I wonder if, given this numbers, a windows server is really a technical requirement or not,

is it possible to install ERA 6 on a windows pro machine ?


thanks and kind regards


Paolo Argenton

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  • Administrators


for the SMB segment, we offer Linux-based ERA virtual appliance that you can simply deploy and use. Also we are working on improving documentation for SMB and plan to make deployment and use of ERA in the SMB segment even simpler and more straightforward.

As for your question, we don't officially support installation on non-server systems but that doesn't mean it won't work. It's simply just not officially supported and therefore it's not recommended.

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  • ESET Staff

I would like to add, that installation on Desktop operating systems is possible, and tested, however it basically prohibited by Microsoft Licensing Terms and conditions (to use desktop Windows as a server-type application).

For more details please check: hxxp://help.eset.com/era_install/63/en-US/index.html?windows.htm

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Thanks to everybody for the answers;


@MichalJ, I followed the link but did not understand which licensing term would be violated, maybe SQL express?


I have some more questions, but I will open a new thread.


thanks again

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