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Dynamic Group for No Agent Installed


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Hi All, first post on this forum.


Can anyone offer on advice on how to create a dynamic group to contain any devices found from the imported AD computers which do not have an agent installed.


I've tried Installed Software.Application name, Contains, ESET Remote Administrator Agent




I've manage to create Groups to pick up WIndows OS, Windows Server OS, Endpoint AV not installed, but not this one.


Can't believe that these sort of rules are not in the system out of the box. 




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Hi simon0275,

Dynamic groups are evaluated on the Agent, not on the server, so that the computer knows which group it falls into even when offline, without a connection to server (let's say a notebook gets infected, it can immediately become a member of a dynamic group "infected computers" and launch tasks belonging to that group, all without having to contact the server).

Therefore, by definition, there can't be a dynamic group with computers without the Agent, as it is the Agent that puts computers to dynamic groups in the first place.

However, what you want to do can be achieved by viewing all computers in ERA and selecting "Unmanaged" from the top drop-down box.



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