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ESS 9 + Bandicam 3.01

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Have/had a problem with this combination (and solved it).

Was running Bandicam 3.0 with Eset Smart Security 9.0 without problems. After installing Bandicam 3.01 and trying to run it it freezed my system but just before freeze I saw ESS 9 window popping up to keep existing firewall rule for bandicam or to refuse it. Couldn't click at all and had to reset pc.

After several unlucky attempts to find the cause I tried to disable all protection [ESS 9, closed malwarebytes and malwarebytes anti-exploit]. Bandicam ran fine. Restarting malwarebytes tools, again no problem. Then I tried to enable ESS 9 and to start bandicam... freeze and needed reset. Removed the old bandicam rule from ESS 9 and put in a 'tcp out' rule for bandicam manually. Started bandicam and it went smooth. No freeze and recording was fine.






Have put this message to bandicam developer too.

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