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  1. The confusion comes from the name 'Eset Smart Security' in the program while it is (in fact) 'Eset Internet Security' now with the news that a premium version of Eset Smart Security is added for a small upgrade fee. Thanks for clearing this up.
  2. I'm still a bit confused. Using Eset Smart Security for several years now and installed v10 of it. Using a 3pc-license. On the ESS screen it (still) says Eset Smart Security. Future updates of this version are gonna be Eset Internet Security or...? thank you
  3. Have/had a problem with this combination (and solved it). Was running Bandicam 3.0 with Eset Smart Security 9.0 without problems. After installing Bandicam 3.01 and trying to run it it freezed my system but just before freeze I saw ESS 9 window popping up to keep existing firewall rule for bandicam or to refuse it. Couldn't click at all and had to reset pc. After several unlucky attempts to find the cause I tried to disable all protection [ESS 9, closed malwarebytes and malwarebytes anti-exploit]. Bandicam ran fine. Restarting malwarebytes tools, again no problem. Then I tried to enable ESS 9 and to start bandicam... freeze and needed reset. Removed the old bandicam rule from ESS 9 and put in a 'tcp out' rule for bandicam manually. Started bandicam and it went smooth. No freeze and recording was fine. /thanks Faraways ----------------- Have put this message to bandicam developer too.
  4. I'm using ESS 9 since yesterday. Using exclusively Palemoon (latest 25.8.1) but as it isnt one of the selected default browsers I can not use the bank protection. For now Im using Palemoon in a separated way without ESS bank protection. Any chance that Palemoon will be supported?
  5. I've done what you suggested (repair). It seems fixed. Thank you /cheers
  6. I would like to report a bug. My ESS is password protected. If I remove my pw .. then click OK it gives an error. After applying a password and click OK I get the same error too. window [advanced setup] "An error occured while saving settings. Please make sure you have permissions to change settings."
  7. I've found a site blocked by Eset while I've visited it before without problem. I'm wondering what is the cause of this block? hXXp://www.medieval.it/cuesplitter-pc/menu-id-71.html (Medieval Cue Splitter to split .cue to separate music files) regards Far
  8. @Arakasi I have deleted old warcraft port forwarding in ESET put it to interactive and started playing. Few ports are forwarded now and I have had no issues with portforwarding yet. Btw playing the the beta (draenor) besides the regular game. Seems it's 'working like intended' (blizzard™) for now. @Labview707 At the moment everything seems to be working and I dont want to change a winning team (yet). When more trouble pops I will return here and ask for some more help.. Thanks for replies! cheers Far
  9. The ports to forward on applications to make 'world of warcraft' work are on the sites below >> https://us.battle.net/support/en/article/firewall-proxy-router-and-port-configuration >> hxxp://portforward.com/cports.htm (scroll to 'world of warcraft') How to enable ports for each of the application files given to make it work; I can add them but... *in* and/or *out* and *local* or *remote*? Im not sure about that. Don't want to enable more than necessary thanks -------- no trouble to open the needed ports in the router
  10. Today I got a new hd to replace the old one. Installed my second pc [win7 32bit],tested new HD,all is fine. Most recent network drivers added (working ok) and went offline to install eset smart security 7.0.302. Seems to work good except I cant find 'network/firewall option in ESS. [snip] . . . . . Need new medication Im sorry,but I have somehow overlooked things.. solved now /regards
  11. There were 2 windows update missing. Now I have them installed and the [enable exploit blocker] is showing. Problem solved. Thank you
  12. Might be a display issue,a not (yet) defined function or a function wihtout textlabel. /regards Faraway ------------------------- win7 [x86]
  13. I have removed 6 and installing ESS 7 beta on 2nd pc. All important data has been backuped & wiped.. /regards Faraway
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