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eset security 8 - lets trojans in!


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I really don't know what I'm paying for. This happened last year and just today. Two trojans (Trojan:Win32/Peals.F!plock and Trojan:JS/Redirector.PR)

that Microsoft Essentials found and quarantined - nothing from eset at all. This software is not protecting me at all! What's with that?

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First of all, there is no security solution that would provide 100% protection against every single threat. Secondly, we do not know what Microsoft quarantined and whether they were valid objects for detection (ie. not a false positive, functional samples). Thirdly, we do not know how you have ESET set up and if it's configured for maximum protection.


Therefore, I'd like to ask you to email samples[at]eset.com the following stuff:

1, the content of MS Essentials quarantine (should be in C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Microsoft Antimalware\Quarantine\)

2, the output from ESET Log Collector (hxxp://support.eset.com/kb3466/)

3, a link to this topic.

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