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Can't install - can't find logs

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I've spent days trying to install ERA6 now. It is one of the most frustrating experiences I've had in a good while.


I have been stuck at multiple steps and have found my way through them, but I am getting stuck now when it gets to the step "Mobile Device Connector". I'm getting a generic error of "A critical error occurred. Please see the installation log for more information. Enabling the logs is described at the ESET knowledge base website: kb.eset.com Issue ID: SOLN406"


Needless to say, the kb.eset.com website does not help to even discover where the logs are (much less how to enable them) in any usable way.


Furthermore, multiple forum posts have users posting "where do i find/enable the logs" only to be updated with "never mind, I figured it out" (SO INFURIATING).


Any help here?





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Hello, installation logs are created automatically in the Logs subfolder, which is put where the installer was run from.

Alternatively, you can download the Mobile Device Connector separately and run it as a standalone installation, in which case you can apply the steps from article hxxp://support.eset.com/kb406/

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