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Undocumented serious error (0x1106) - clearing update cache has no effect


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I have 5 copies of nod32 running on 4 computers (one is a dual boot). One of the computers usually remains powered off for long periods (weeks to months at times). Because of those long intervals between nod32 updates, it encounters rather large definition file downloads each time it's powered on. And that's when the problem shows up. The update status reaches approximately 80% or so and terminates with a "Virus signature database update ended with an error" (Undocumented serious error (0x1106) message each time. Clearing the update cache then rebooting makes no difference. Does anyone have ideas why this is happening? I've tried following this kb instructional article -> hxxp://support.eset.com/kb537/<- but it seems to be using an older version of nod32 as an example.


The effected computer is running Windows 7 Ultimate. Its nod32 version is 8.0.304.0. Will updating to the newest version of nod32 fix this issue?


Thanks in advance.  

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If you wish to stay with v8, I'd try installing version 8.0.319 to see if that remedies the problem.


Version 9 comes with quite recent signatures and modules, so there is that option.


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One of the users in this forum came across this error when the ISP was likely using a transparent proxy that was serving invalid update files. Downgrading to an older version didn't help as the problem was at the ISP.


Please download Process Monitor and install Wireshark. Then start logging in both programs and run the following command from the command prompt started with administrator rights:

logman start updater -p {f329ae9a-556d-4934-920f-234e835d9ece} 0xffffff 10 -o C:\eset.etl -ets


Next reproduce the issue with update.

When done, stop logging in both programs and also run "logman stop updater -ets".


Save the logs, compress them, upload them to a safe location along with the log C:\eset.etl and pm me the download links.

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