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Unable to restart failed task for client

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I'm testing v6 and thus far am impressed with the polished GUI but extremely disappointed with the functionality.


Part of my testing involves repeating a task.

 1) Run the task

 2) Check result

 3) Adjust settings

 4) Re-run the task


And sometimes I need to skip #3 and just re-run the task.


How can I re-run a task without adjusting settings?



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I find this very annoying too, I wish there was a 'Run Now' option so we can run it on demand without having to edit the job, remove and then re-add the target or having to duplicate the task just to perform the same operation again!

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yes this is a pain, I made the same comments almost a year ago. For me, two major improvements are required in ERA 6.x.


Firstly, the option to re-run a task. If a task shows as fails, simply provide an option to rerun it. This avoids having to go and find the task and then having to either remove and re-add the target, or clicking the trigger dialog and simply saving the screen - both ways work.


Secondly, the ability to select an EXISTING task when you are in the computers screen. I want to be able to click a computer, click "new task", and select an existing task, rather than always creating a new task from a blank template. Again, it should be trivial to get this changed in the GUI as all it needs to do is present a list or tree of tasks and then insert a target record against the appropriate task.


Item 2, above, would make a MASSIVE improvement in workflow. See a computer, see that it needs a task to be run, and with a few clicks you can run that task. Instead, you need to remember the computer name then go into Admin, Computer Tasks, edit the task, click Targets, add a target....and then hope you can still remember the computer name.


I made these suggesttions last December (or January) but sadly they haven't (yet) been implemented. Still, I'm pleased to see a refresh icon on all the screens now, which is a good improvement.




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