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  1. I've been struggling for 4 hours to get a single installation of the client anti-virus product installed on a test machine. The client workstation installed the ERA Agent software with flying colors. And the new web interface is pretty decent. The trouble is with the Client Tasks. I created a software installation client task. The "package to install" is set for "Install by direct package URL" and I'm using my own internal server. The setting looks like this: hxxp://myserver/test/eea_nt64_ENU.msi The various errors I'm seeing in the web console are variations on: GetFile:
  2. I'm testing v6 and thus far am impressed with the polished GUI but extremely disappointed with the functionality. Part of my testing involves repeating a task. 1) Run the task 2) Check result 3) Adjust settings 4) Re-run the task And sometimes I need to skip #3 and just re-run the task. How can I re-run a task without adjusting settings?
  3. Hello All, Currently our logs are going to the C drive. We would like to move them to the D drive. In particular the "ScanLog_Details" are the logs taking up the most space. Is there an option within ERA that allows this path to be changed? Which components of ERA pull info from the "ScanLog_Details"? Thanks, Anthony
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