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  1. This all sounds to me like ESET just needs to update their product to play nice with Windows Store or \\?\ paths?? Or to add the option of allowing wildcard paths for processes. We've migrated all of our business AV solutions from ESET to Sentinel One... that allows wildcard paths... just saying
  2. I have the same problem, very annoying to have to disable the firewall or set it to auto to play this. Can we not just create a firewall rule for something like "*\Gears5.exe" ? Thanks
  3. Description: I would really like the ability install/Update Endpoints without the clients NIC disconnecting... if that is at all possible?! Detail: This way I could roll out updates/installs to to our 75+ individually managed sites much more easily, hopefully silently in the background without the user even knowing it was happening. Having to call the customers to arrange installs/upgrades out of hours is difficult or having them log off their PCs so that no programs are affected during the network disconnect is a real pain. Multiply that over 75+ individual Eset Server setups with a combined total of several thousand PCs and it becomes impossible!
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