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What are the disadvantages to returning to v8?

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I'm contemplating a return to version 8 and wondering what the disadvantages are over using v9. I am not having any difficulties with v9 but I'm more comfortable with the v8 GUI. I'm also unsure as to if I am adequately protected with the v9 settings I have made. There was never a doubt in my mind with v8. I would also like to know how long v8 will be supported.


I'm unable to use the new Banking protection as the browser I use is not one that is compatible nor will it be in the future as advised by Eset. So that is not part of the equation.


Two Systems Windows 7 Pro and Premium both x64


Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.



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Good question : i would like to know this also.


@SCR : it is quite funny that you also want to go back to V8 after defending V9 so heavily in this topic : https://forum.eset.com/topic/6276-unable-to-disable-certain-security-alerts-in-eset-smart-security-9/page-2


I have a feeling there are more and more people going back.

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Thanks for the reply.


I'm not going back to v8 as I said I'm not having any major issues with v9. I am not disabling any of the protection provided by v9 and it is not the reason for my post. I still think v9 is a fine product. I spent quite a few hours with my setup since I posted and have addressed my concerns as to the security of my system and feel much better about it.


At the time of my post I was experiencing some strange errors showing up in Event Viewer regarding open registry items not being closed and a second network being discovered. I couldn't figure out why all that was happening. Out of frustration I considered going back to v8 and created the post.


Instead I decided to start over and removed  all the rules I created and left only the built in rules. I was much more careful as to the rules I created with regard to my home network and no longer have the errors. It was obviously something I did, user error. I will probably never know what it was. It all started when I was messing about with permissions for files on the network. (I really need to learn a lot more about file and folder permissions) I also had a HomeGroup set up which I now find to be redundant for my needs


In the end I was to fast to post and while I have once again become content with v9 I will let the post stand as you have expressed some interest in the difference and I am still some what curious as I still have one system on v8.

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