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Product activation

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I can't seem to activate my products through the ERA.  I was finally able to install them and push them out, but they are all (except 1 for some reason) showing as not activated. 


If i go to the machine and try to activate there is noting in the key.  So it wants me to enter my keycode. I assumed this would be pushed down from the server.


I see that there were some issues recently with activating, but they have been cleared up or so I am led to belive.  But I am still unable to activate anything through ERA.  Is there a way to check on the client to see if they are even looking at the server to try to get their product key?


So far I am very unhappy with 6.2.  I should have stayed with the 5.  Someone put a programer in charge of the functions of this new versoin instead of testing it on real users. 

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How did you configure the Activation task? Does its execution tab say it has failed? If so, what is the error code?

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