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I need version 6.1.2227.0 32 bit and 64 bit

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I have created GPO's that will:

1 - Install the newest version of the Agent (if it doesn't exist at all)

2 - Upgrade the agent (if it exists) to the newest version


3 - Install the newest version of EES (if it doesn't exist at all)

4 - Upgrade version to newest version (if it exists)



5 - Upgrade version 6.1.2227.0 to newest version (once i get the MSI's)


Can anyone get me a link?





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This are the known clients


File Security









its every time the same link only with a other version number so replace the Folder Name if you want to get a other version


For other language replace the "deu"


for client 32 Bit replace "64" to "32"


for Agent 32 bit replace "64" to "86"

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You should contact support and ask them for the link.


Why you need a 6.1 when 6.2 is the latest which also correct some problems of 6.1??


I need 6.1 because I can create a package of that version and add it to my GPO..

My GPO will install the new version (if no ESET is detected, will upgrade version, and will upgrade version 6.1.2227.0)

Well once I get the MSI's (64 nad 32 bit) for 6.1.2227.0 and edit them and add them to the GPO software package it will upgrade all existing versions I have on my network.


Much better way to deploy than waiting on a push install..



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