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Polarity Browser False Positive

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My name is Stanley and I am the developer of Polarity Browser. A couple of my users have informed me that Polarity is being detected as a false positive by ESET. According to my scans on VirusTotal, it is currently detected as a "variant of MSIL/Packed.Confuser.J suspicious". Polarity is indeed compressed and obfuscated to protect it from theft. 


VirusTotal results:



I hope you guys understand and reevaluate this program. It really does mean a lot to me as a solo developer.


Thank you for your consideration,



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The detection is technically ok - applications packed using packers often misused by malware writers are detected as suspicious. Please email the detected file to ESET as per the instructions at hxxp://kb.eset.com/esetkb/index?page=content&id=SOLN141.

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