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Found 25 results

  1. Hello everyone. Hello everyone. I have in my computer Avast Internet Security, but I also have ESET Online Scanner for on-demand scans. Today, I was scanning and it found 1 malware: the Avast Safezone installer. Here is the Virus Total link: https://www.virustotal.com/pt/file/6e5d95babebe7698afe08597d376cf896cdfa330eae32b82c9bb1f60d9170c15/analysis/1498964719/ The file is located at: C:\Program Files\AVAST Software\SZBrowser\setup I'm almost sure it's a false positive, can anyone checks if I'm correct? Thank you
  2. Hi ESET Peeps! I've been having a strange issue the past week. I'm an administrator for our ESET Endpoint service and noticed that I had a PC showing up as infected with a MBR infection known as "Ripper". I've scanned and checked the PC but did not find anything out of the ordinary while physically on it. Yet, everyday I keep getting the same warning, Ripper keeps showing up everyday in threes, found in file:///1 but there's nothing that shows up when sending out a clean request. I've investigated what this virus might be about, but I can't find anything that's modern. The last k
  3. The antivirus is reporting phishing in the URL hxxp://notebookdell.com/comprar . Where can I submit the analysis request? I sent them to samples@eset-la.com but they return the information to me that has no attachment. In fact it does not. I just want that they analyze whether the phishing information in the URL is false positive or not. Thanks.
  4. SupremeRulerUltimate.exe (Steam) is detected as a Win32/GenKryptik www.virusradar.com/en/Win32_GenKryptik.ZEI/description fixed with 15171
  5. SO BAD Fake antivirus Scan result! I have used HI BATTERY for over 1 month which is an absolutely a safe app . After installing your security app , it said: it is a Virus. Kidding me! Too bad! I also tested the Power Battery app from Lionmobi which is an absolutely a safe app (recommended by Google ) and i have used for over 8months. After installing your security app , it also said: Power Battery Trojan Virus. Please check the issue asap and give a response, thanks! My email: cz.123.2012@gmail.com
  6. Our Webpage hxxp:// stockholmhealth.com/ has status "Suspicious site" from ESET. On virustotal.com you are the only one who is blocking this site. But there isn't any malware or phishing. https://virustotal.com/en/url/98ad902e62e0a6fcfaf2130d49cc71a276e49758fd0611cb62035336574cc2dd/analysis/1478605470/ !! Also it seems that ESET blocks all the domains which use our server IP. Why is it so? We wrote to support, but didn't get any explanation there. How to resolve this?
  7. hxxp://www.picklingtank.com/ eset blocking websites - even there is no malware Why it is blocked by antivirus and showing it harmful - kindly check and update
  8. Hello! I'm the security analyst on CompuClever Systems Inc. ESET-NOD32 flagged several installation packages as potentially unwanted on VirusTotal. We think your detection is a false positive. I've already sent several emails to samples@eset.com, but there was no response. Could you tell me why you did not response our false-positive removal request emails? Best regards, Rosalie Li security@compuclever.net
  9. Hello Everybody , First , I’M Sorry If The Topic Not In The Correct Forum ===== Second .. This File Is Clean But Eset Is Saying It's Infected I Made This File For Testing AV Engines (False Positives) I Hope To Analyse The File From Eset Labs and Tell Me The File Is False Positive Or No I'M Sure The Source Is Very Clean But The File Suspect Of Eset Becuse The Encrypt Download Link: hxxp://download1076.mediafire.com/a5mdawxibyyg/86traiiethstce3/Mpress.rar Password To Unrar The File: infected Note : I’M Sent The File To The specialized Website ,But I’M Didn’T Receive Any
  10. Hi everybody, I'm going to access hxxp:// www.ggthusserl.org but my eset nod32 antivirus detects HTML/ScrInject.B.Gen virus. What's the problem? I don't think there is a virus or something like that! Regards, Abbassi
  11. Hello. My name is Stanley and I am the developer of Polarity Browser. A couple of my users have informed me that Polarity is being detected as a false positive by ESET. According to my scans on VirusTotal, it is currently detected as a "variant of MSIL/Packed.Confuser.J suspicious". Polarity is indeed compressed and obfuscated to protect it from theft. VirusTotal results: https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/2655c02f1b29872f55572847cc97064888a41aa97718f40d3fe49b1630400ceb/analysis/1440980966 I hope you guys understand and reevaluate this program. It really does mean a lot to me as
  12. Dear ESET, i am using ESET Nod 32 AV 8 and it keeps detecting (and deleting) "a variant of Win32/Agent.XDP trojan" on all of my USB sticks. I formatted them and even on empty USBs Nod is detecting them. I did also scan my whole computer and there are no threats detected. Thanks, Majama.
  13. Hi team, Can you investigate why my site (hxxp://www.sanlieducation.com.hk/) has been blocked with this Scrinject.b.gen thing? I scanned the files of the site and has not found anything suspicious. Please help. Regards, Andy
  14. Dear moderators, I am trying this channel now, since I have already tried via phone and web, but without any success. Just a couple of weeks ago, our company’s website started to have an incompatibility with your suggested site list, causing that many of our clients have been blocked at the time they want to log on our site. Our company, EmpireOption (www.empireoption.com), is a 100% regulated investment platform, with offices in 4 different countries, over 200 employees and more than 650.000 clients from all around the world. We haven’t changed a single thing in the programming of
  15. I purchased Zookaware Speedzooka a registry cleaner. The set up file comes from their site. But ESET NOD32 version 8 treats it as just a virus infected and deletes it: If I manage to scan it ESET says:Scan Log Version of virus signature database: 10987 (20150109); Date: 09/01/2015 Time: 12:16:56; Scanned disks, folders and files: C:\temp\;C:\tmp\C:\tmp\speedzookasetup.exe » NSIS » SpeedZooka.exe - a variant of Win32/Adware.RegGenie application - cleaned by deleting - quarantined [1]Number of scanned objects: 29; Number of threats found: 1 Number of cleaned objects: 1 Time of completion: 12:
  16. Hi everyone, in some files Malwarebytes and AVG was detect malware as Trojan.Agent.CK, but NOD scan don´t detect this. Why? drWeb don´t detect this too...
  17. Hi, My name is Adi and I am a member of the Reputation and Compliance Team at Torch Browser, hxxp://www.torchbrowser.com/. Torch Browser is a free, chromium-based, web browser and internet suite. It includes a media grabber, torrent client, drag & drop, site-unblocker, and music streaming service, all in one place. Recently, we get a lot of complaints from our users (that use also ESET as anti-virus) that you detect our product as PUA and pop a notification about it every 30 minutes (attached a screenshot) Link for the VirusTotal scan that shows our product is clean by ALL the ant
  18. I reset my windows 8 of everything and downloaded Norton uninstall tool, ran it from my desktop, then restarted my computer as prompted. Directly following that I disabled windows firewall and all other windows anti-virus/malware options and did a online download of ESET antivirus and followed the prompts until it completed the installation. I also activated it using my username and password directly after. Suspicious of my hard drive info, including factory reset default setup or whatever it's referred to, I began to run a full scan of my C: drive and I have no networks or any device foreign
  19. I've a page on site which "auto-download" an unsigned exe. It also has a link to that same exe. The Eset is blocking that page. Is there anyway I can be sure the problem is the unsigned exe? This site is still being developed and also is the application it downloads, so thats why it is unsigned. I want to be sure it wont be blocked when I release the site and the app. Also, I don't want the site to be marked as malicious. Right know (I think) it is being blocked only on the computers that access it and not in the general DataBase of Eset. I've checked on https://www.virustotal.com/ and it is s
  20. Just happened this morning. It kept popping up whenever I load a website that I noramally do not visit. It doesn't show up when I go to facebook, or youtube, etc. It does however show when I google something, go to a blog, etc. I need help. Already scanned my computer. Found a threat the first time I did then I tried several times after and ESET said it was clean, though it still shows up whenever I visit some sites. Is this a false positivity? Can my eset antivirus help me out? or do I need to do something else? :/ I would appreciate all the help I can get. Thanks.
  21. Hello We sent the number of emails to your support team regarding the false detections on our products and didn't recieve any response from you Could you recheck what happens? All emails were sent from support @ goobzo.com Thanks Roberta
  22. Hello! We have submitted false positives as per hxxp://kb.eset.com/esetkb/index?page=content&id=SOLN141 but we did not get any response for 20 days! Emails were sent from <it@clickmein.com> Could you locate the email and notify why are you silent for so much time?! Thanks!
  23. While surfing WTOP.com, a legitimate website for an all news station located in Washington, DC, ESET is complainng about a blocked address from time to time when the page reloads. The log records are all the same, a sample follows: 9/25/2013 6:33:01 AM hxxp://delivery.globalcdnnode.com/7f01baa99716452bda5bba0572c58be9/afr-zone.php Blocked by internal blacklist C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe <company>\<userid> I have had no luck contacting the webmasters of WTOP.com. Can someone at ESET doublecheck and see what is so offensive at the website listed in t
  24. Hi ESET, I have been forced to re write this post as my previous post was closed before I had the chance to answer, also the post I made around 20 minutes ago was also deleted. " The software in question is not detected as malware (ie. virus, trojan, etc.) but as a potentially unwanted application (PUA). The software was analyzed in ESET's malware research lab and was found to meet criteria for PUA detection. Detection of PUA is fully optional, and it's up to the user if they want to opt for detection or not. Even with PUA detection enabled, the user can exclude the application from scannin
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