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No regular update scheduled - security alert

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Hi all,

We have ESET RA 6.1.444 installed on a Windows 2012 machine. 

Clients are a mix of 6.1 and 6.2 endpoint security.


On all our clients, we have a status alert of "no regular updates scheduled". However the clients are indeed getting updates every hour as we've setup in policy.


How we're setup:

-Groups are mostly Active directory sync'd. 

-At the top level there is a folder called "active directory" where all the AD machines are under

-AD and as a result ESET has them split off by office and device type (laptop/desktop)

-At the top "active directory" level, I have a policy setup. The only settings in this policy are in the updates section, it defines two profiles. One profile is called "insideOffice" and has the address of the local apache http proxy machine setup that is mirroring update files. The other profile is titled "OutsideOffice" and is set to automatic.  The other setting in this policy is under tools/scheduler. Here I edited the scheduler so only "regular automatic update" is checked, and that one is edited so every 60 minutes it updates from the "insideoffice" as primary and "outsideoffice" as secondary.


So how I understand this, is every 60 minutes the clients should be trying to update from the "insideoffice" profile, which will work if they are inside our LAN. If they are travelling or at home, that will fail so it will kick over to the outsideoffice profile, which will update from ESET direct.


Is that how it should work? Am I doing something wrong?

I tried creating another update policy at that top level and just set it to automatic, hoping to clear the error message off users computers, but it still remains. I can see those policies as being applied on their computers, so not sure why it's complaining there are no regular update tasks scheduled.


Any thoughts? Anyone else seen this?

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I'm unable to reproduce this issue. Did you edit the existing update tasks or create a new one? If you open Scheduler locally on such machine, is at least one update task enabled and yet a warning appears in the protection status pane?

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