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Remote config clients

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Guest Boban

Hi all,


I have network with 70 clients. I have ESET server and Console. 


My clients alredy set config.


Can I change one setting in config file and push it to clints so that there will not disrupt the existent configuration.



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You can adjust the policy used so that whenever clients connect to ERAS, they'll always download the desired configuration (policy). If you want to keep existing configurations and don't want to use a policy, simply push a configuration with the desired setting marked to clients.

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When You are creating new task the only changes which will be send to endpoints are marked on blue rest of cfg is not changed

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Here is the KB article describing the configuration push described by @Marcos and @Bart above:




Just select the intended client workstations in Step 3 (as opposed to selecting All Clients, as depicted in the article).



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