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Installation Issues - Windows 8

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I have a User that purchased the product for her home PC and 3 others.  She was able to successfully install the product on her 2 computers and one of them is having this issue:


> During the install about 2 mins into the install it crashes

> ERROR:  The computer has not been restarted after a program uninstallation. Please restart the computer and run the install again.


I have done  >> restarted the PC  >> tried the installation again >> and failed with these scenarios: 

. Uninstalled the product

. Ripped it out of the registry

. Used the ESET cleaner tool

. Downloaded an OLD and New version of the NOD32 Antivirus Software


It's failed every time.  Suggestions?



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That is a great article if I was having an issue during 'Activation' but I am having issues installing the program.  I have never had issue during install.  She has never installed this before.  I've ripped out of the registry the install files that it throws in there.... hmmm.  Any other suggestions?  Thank you.

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I'm assuming that you've read the KB article regarding this message you get:



Where you restart twice (not shutdown), modify one registry entry, delete two other entries, restart and run the uninstall tool in Safe Mode, then restart (not shutdown) and reinstall the latest version?


The message is not exclusive to ESET but to anything that uses the Microsoft Windows Installer, such as a previous uninstall not recognising that the computer has since been restarted.

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